Thursday, September 26, 2013

Two years!

Happy Anniversary!
We celebrated two years of non-usage of credit cards in August.  If you can think of a better way to say that, please share, because that sounds like the worst. grammar. ever.  But - we are still going strong!  At least in that department we are doing awesome. 
We still struggle on a daily basis of getting a handle on keeping to the budget.  We still have no emergency fund because we have no budget.  And this fall is the absolute worst.  So many new activities to fund and all of the little extras that you don't think about that go along with them... I can't keep it all straight.  We have YNAB, but I haven't cracked it open since... March??  April??  I am once again balancing the checkbook by periodically checking the account via the online banking.  That is no way to take control of you money.
So Happy Two Years of not learning a damn thing.  :/
At least we haven't added to the mess!

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